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Wealth is often the result of following one's natural life path.

Wealth is often the result of following one’s natural life path. It wasn’t so much the intent to build something big. More so, it was a drive to create something bigger than you. Along the way, your unique talents allowed you to create physical proof of your tenacity and intellect. The integration of heart and mind fueled passion into purpose.

Ironically, in examining the use of your life’s work going forward, each piece is broken apart and addressed in isolation. Various advisors handle their own area, piles of stones rather than the makings of a unified plan. By nature of separating the conversations, what missing elements are threatening your foundation?

When you can discuss all of the pieces and all of the cycles of wealth in one place—with your existing advisors and new ones—your focus and vision strengthen. You begin to see all that you’ve created transition into a cornerstone that positively impacts the future of your family. Finally, all of the pieces in concert are altogether more significant than any single stone in the road.

From story teller to chief decision maker.

When seeking answers about your affairs, you have to figure out whom to turn to for a particular issue. Inherently, you put filters in place, only telling the pieces of your story that seem relevant to each professional. How do you know what to include and what to leave out?

Then it’s up to you to sort through the ideas and recommendations and figure out how to proceed. When you reach a certain net worth, the business of wealth becomes a real business. It needs to be staffed with experts in various areas. The experts need to communicate—with each other and with you.

What if you could sit in one room with your long-standing trusted advisors, as well as new team members, and tell your story one time? Instead of feeling depleted, you feel surprisingly relieved. The story deepens and the path becomes clearer as the power to execute literally surrounds you.

The difference between discussing and doing.

If you’re a doer in life, perhaps you’d agree that execution and follow-through are essential. However, in wealth-related affairs, idea formation is often the primary focus. Portions of the plan are executed, yet details inadvertently remain unaddressed. And during the months and years following execution, no particular advisor is accountable to making sure the plan still works.

Most importantly, it’s no one’s fault. Advisory disciplines have historically focused on transactions—specific actions at specific points in time. Legal documents are executed, policies are purchased and investment portfolios are allocated. Things are considered to be done. The make-up of today’s wealth is far more varied and dynamic than it used to be. The historic point-in-time approach leaves too much chance.

Our model offers a solution. We employ talented people who thrive on innovating solutions, managing complex projects and implementing details toward your intended result. These teams work for you with a passion for handling all the things you may lack the time, interest or experience to do yourself. By taking the issues off your to-do list and adding them to ours, projects gain unprecedented momentum during execution. Also, we stay engaged in your situation after execution.

Every opportunity craves a mentor.

Most of us have been mentored at least once in our lifetimes. Whether by a boss, a brother or a coach, the experience shaped the person we became. We apply a deep belief in mentorship to the many facets of managing families’ affairs. First, we mentor our internal team members to reach their full creative and intellectual potential, and empower them to apply those passions to our work on your behalf.

Next, we mentor pools of wealth through the various development stages. Wealth creation, business transitions and liquidity each represent stages of maturity. Liquidity offers an opportunity to align your material resources with your dreams and passions and to receive guidance in developing or refining a wealth vision.

As the path of wealth creation parallels your family’s growth, we work through how the two can enhance each other. Parents crave confidence that, by the time wealth changes hands, adult children will know their own life passions. The passions—alongside an understanding of the responsibility of wealth ownership—help heirs move forward in their lives with direction and meaning.

How much is enough?

Because some planning had been done, most families have the perception that their affairs are handled. At the time, many affluent families lack complete confidence that they really have enough. This dichotomy prevents forward progress in planning; we created a process that stimulates new momentum.

First, we discuss what you perceive to be in place. The we show you—based on your legal documents, financial picture and ownership structures—what’s really in place. Typically, the two pictures differ. Next, we help you dream bigger than ever before about what you want to accomplish.

Together, we move through the hierarchy of your life’s greatest financial goals and dreams. First we provide custom financial modeling, delving as wide and deep as necessary, until you achieve peaceful confidence about your lifetime financial security. This empowers you to have fun with the other areas; enhancing children’s lives, taking care of parents, education grandchildren and constructing a charitable legacy. The opportunity to align your resources with you passion finally come into focus. Its the power to raise the bar on phase two of your life and make an intentional, tangible difference in the world by applying your gifts

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WealthStone, Inc. was started in 1977 as Professional Planning Consultants by founder James H. Wyland. From its inception, WealthStone has focused on the client-advisor relationship, and has recognized the value of goal-oriented planning. For more than thirty-five years, WealthStone has not only helped individuals build their personal wealth, but has also consulted with entrepreneurs in the development of their wealth management and business planning strategies.

The diversity of services offered at WealthStone creates a one-stop shop for many clients who appreciate the security of an organized and integrated planning team. While our planning team focuses on the big picture, our tax, insurance, investment, and real estate development teams understand the steps needed to realize this picture.

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